development section

We make the complex development process easy for clients to navigate.


Our first step is to understand client goals. We then assess the feasibility of each project from a variety of angles: technological, economic and regulatory. We manage the full energy development process, becoming a single point of responsibility for our clients.

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assessment section

The optimal technology solution is different for every project.


We are technology and vendor neutral. Recommendations are based solely on our experts’ knowledge and the project’s circumstances. We review any existing energy infrastructure and propose the solution that will achieve client objectives.

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Energy Foundations


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Energy Storage


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CHP & Fuel Cells


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Water Recycling


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Controls, Automation & Security


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Smart City



We will support Environmental Impact Assessments and manage utility relationships. Finalizing the technologies and energy modeling enables us to engineer the project and complete financial structuring. The next phase is construction.



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construction section

We build the project.

We leverage our expertise and experience to procure equipment, select specialist subcontractors and obtain all permits. We then integrate our solutions into existing systems.


operations and maintenance section

We partner with clients to bring value beyond commissioning.


We deliver long-term solutions to optimize and balance energy production, cost of delivery and maintenance over all asset life-cycles. For CHP specifically, our California-based Service Solutions team specialize in a broad suite of services.


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Our EaaS offering saves costs and removes capital, operating and maintenance burdens from our clients. We will acquire or build energy infrastructure and provide energy-as-a-service under a long-term contract.

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Service, Troubleshooting & Training

We offer interval-based maintenance and emissions compliance services. We also provide call-out troubleshooting and CHP/cogeneration balance of plant. For any asset, if training is required, we create a customized program aligned to client objectives.

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Engine Overhauls & Plant Upgrades

Our trained technicians provide high-quality engine overhaul services that protect the value of assets. We are experienced at identifying and correcting CHP/cogeneration plant deficiencies and implementing plant upgrades that improve performance and reduce costs.

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Commodity Supply & Offtake

Our customers can benefit from extremely competitive commodity supply contracts. Offtake agreements can also be arranged for excess energy produced.

Operations & Maintenance

We work with you to integrate the right solutions to meet your energy goals.

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