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Our Water Recycling Solutions

Energy and resource management are closely intertwined – a geothermal heating and cooling system can reduce water usage by 70% compared to a traditional HVAC system for example. Using specialist partners, we can include funded recycled water systems as part of our overall eco-district solutions.

An integrated water strategy has many benefits. As well as lowering initial usage and increasing re-use, it creates cost-effective ways to manage the treatment of waste water. Ecological targets (including mandated ones) are more easily met, and bio-diversity can be encouraged at the same time as reducing damage from severe weather events. Further, many solutions put green space to double use, both as attractive public parks increasing the value of the development and storm-water recovery systems or water collection points.


According to the US Dept. of the Interior, the average US citizen uses 80-100 gallons of water per day. EPA estimates show over 1 trillion gallons a year of water is wasted through leaks. Where extreme weather events are causing more floods and draughts, water management is ever-more vital.

A District Recycled Water project from us might incorporate the following areas of work:

• Establishing water demands and capacity for a central plant and proposing distribution system routing, pumping station requirements, and building interconnections

• Calculating economics of system including electricity, maintenance, and operations and reviewing options to monetize recycled water production

• Confirming regulatory requirements to build, own, and operate the central plant

• Reviewing storm water requirements and mitigation options including incorporation of natural/landscaped systems