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We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.
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Our Transportation Solutions

The next generation of transportation solutions includes electric and autonomous vehicles (EV and AV), alternative fueling station options (particularly Hydrogen) and advanced traffic management. With the support of our partners we help our real estate clients, who are sitting at this nexus of transportation and energy, to navigate the options available.

Our regulatory affairs team ensures that we are aware of the latest funding initiatives, tax incentives and low-carbon mandates as well as understanding how the local utility interacts with EV charging infrastructure. With 1 in 7 cars globally – and a much higher proportion in the USA – expected to be electric by 2040, it’s vital that developers consider the options.


250 million EVs are expected to be produced globally by 2040, ~14% of total production. In the US alone 900,000 residential EV chargers were installed by 2018, expected to rise to 1,300,000 by 2019 and increasing steadily to 3,500,000 by 2023 (equating to 13 GW of flexibility).

Our review of alternative transportation options can include:

• Establishing requirements for district Electric Vehicle (EV) charging program, including chargers and locations, as well as electric distribution requirements to support the charging networks. We will also review the regulatory requirements for an EV network as well as the costs and options to monetize charging services

• Assessing viability of hydrogen-fuelled vehicle infrastructure including renewable hydrogen filling stations 

• Determining automated driving (AV) infrastructure feasibility and conceptual road ground unit layout options with the safety measurement considerations and conceptual environmental preparation. Again, we will look at regulatory requirements around an AV system in your specific location.