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We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.
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Our Solar Solutions

We tend to use solar energy generation in conjunction with other technologies. It is  particularly valuable where a zero-carbon solution is preferred. Our solar-plus-storage model for utilities provides them with a non-wires alternative. In New York specifically, we have a program to help landowners get value from otherwise unleasable space. Solar is also part of our ecodistrict offering, integrated with district heating and cooling and microgrid technologies.

The full potential of solar is being unlocked by the advent of cost-effective energy storage counteracting intermittency. Our designs maximize on-peak demand reduction, enable time-shifting and provide resiliency at facility or district scale. With storage we solve capacity problems for utility programs or wholesale markets.


Solar-plus-storage is expected to account for almost a quarter of all distributed solar capacity by 2024 (from 7% in 2019). 

Our regulatory affairs and analytics teams provide key support in the application of solar generation options. We scour local, state, and municipal regulations and incentives, including energy building codes, Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Clean Peak Standard (CPS) requirements, Renewable Energy Credit (REC) programs, next-generation Net Metering, Community Solar tariffs, and federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC). Optimizing solar economics amongst a suite of integrated on-site energy technologies often requires sophisticated analysis of tariff interactions and layered incentives on a territory-by-territory basis.