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We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.
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Our Smart City Solutions

The exponential growth in the availability of cheap information storage and processing power – ‘Big Data’ – has helped drive the accelerated integration of renewable technologies in the US and abroad. From advanced building management systems (BMS) capable of leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning, to integrated microgrid control systems, ‘Smart City’ tools are helping to revolutionize the built environment and how individuals connect to it.

For our clients, we work with our partners to provide everything from distributed sensors connected on low power networks, to adaptive street lighting designed to reduce energy costs at the district scale without sacrificing safety and security. We can also bring communications infrastructure specialists we have worked with to the table. Whatever you would like to get out of enhanced connectivity, we have partners who can support you to be there.


The breadth of potential technologies is huge, and expanding all the time. Our interest has been piqued by several novel technologies and design principles recently:

• Self-healing roads – with potential to include EV charging options

• Concepts of Placemaking being integrated with energy infrastructure

• Potential for commercial use of fungi to reduce N2O and carbon emissions

Discussion of ‘Smart City’ infrastructure could include:

• Examine how smart Building Management Systems could be incorporated into energy and wider infrastructure, and suggesting solutions to improve eco-district operations by enhancing visibility and automating controls.

• Providing potential economic models such as a Subscription model for Energy and HVAC equipment being offered as a service