Technologically integrated

We are committed to being technology and vendor neutral. Our experts will always work with clients to propose the best solution for their specific economic, environmental and stakeholder requirements.

Our Technology Capabilities

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Energy Foundations

We integrate geothermal heat exchange into foundations as they are being poured. This is extremely cost-effective, with no additional construction or boreholes required.

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Providing low carbon base-load heating and cooling through a ground source heat pump, the loops can be horizontal, vertical or water-based.

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CHP & Fuel Cells

CHP & Fuel Cells offer efficient simultaneous generation of electricity and heating/cooling - CHP by combustion, Fuel Cells via a chemical reaction. They provide resilience and reduce grid dependency.

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Energy Storage

Often vital to systems integrating renewable technologies, energy storage solves intermittency challenges. It can also be used to support utilities in a variety of ways.

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We use solar technologies most often when designing eco-district solutions. Flat roofs provide excellent space for solar, helping to reach overall net-zero energy usage.

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Water Recycling

Interest in wider resource use and conservation leads us to work with specialist partners who excel in water recycling and management systems.

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Transportation (EV Charging)

Discussion about wider energy infrastructure can’t avoid electric vehicle usage and charging. We can bring in experts to help ensure your development is future-proofed.

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Security, Automation & Controls

Working with specialists we offer automation and digital controls to maximize efficiencies from integrated technologies. We take security extremely seriously.

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When we refer to ‘smart city’ infrastructure, we mean community level connected technology designed to improve sustainability and living standards whilst reducing costs.

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Energy Foundations installed in our major tech. client’s new base in the Bay Area, San Francisco


1 MW/1 MWh batteries planned for Con Edison as part of their Energy Storage REV Demo project


First net-zero energy Walgreens store, built by us in Evanston, IL in 2014

Our Full-Service Promise

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