A simpler perspective on energy

For most of our clients, if thinking about energy is taking up valuable time, there’s a problem. Our solutions ensure our customers can focus on their operational priorities.

Our Mission Statement & Vision

Endurant Energy develops and owns outstanding, reliable, resilient, clean and cost-effective energy infrastructure solutions. We are highly innovative. We work with clients to deliver optimal energy infrastructure solutions, harnessing the best available technologies.

Conventional energy infrastructure and established industry practices no longer meet customer needs. By integrating our solutions into clients’ operations, we are enabling the future of sustainable distributed energy.

GI Mission

Our Team

Endurant Energy is proud to play our part in the Energy Transition, as we look to a carbon neutral future.

Company History

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GI Energy’s ownership transferred to LS Power

Exciting times for the team as development, investment and operating company LS Power, specialists in North American energy infrastructure, invest in GI Energy.

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Became an affiliate of Shell New Energies US LLC

In January 2018 we joined the Shell New Energies, who also became the investment partner on our REV Demo Energy storage project for Con Edison in New York City.

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First eco-district energy solution for Hunters Point

Working with FivePoint (a Lennar company), we designed a full DBOOM model for their proposed development’s thermal, power and recycled water systems.

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Cornell Tech geothermal system built

Working on NYC’s busy Roosevelt Island, we designed and built a GSHP system drilling to 350 ft. through bedrock to intercept and take advantage of thermal properties of aquifer there.

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Construction of first net-zero energy Walgreens, Evanston IL

We integrated a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system with 100% CO2 refrigeration, natural ventilation, daylighting, solar PV and wind turbines to require no electricity from grid.

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GI Energy US created

The American business separated from the UK parent company, becoming GI Energy US.

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Completed largest (6 MW) CHP system in NYC commercial building

Created first electrical interconnection (with Con Edison) using novel application of inverter devices for customer-side fault current mitigation. 12,000 lb/hour high-pressure steam and 8 MMBtu/hour hot water production.

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Built largest closed lake loop in world

Kingsmill Hospital in the UK required a low-carbon energy solution. Our system provides 5,400 kW cooling and 5,000 kW heating.

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‘Geothermal International’ expands to USA

Geothermal International, whence GI Energy evolved, was founded in the UK in 2000.