A Bold New Perspective on Sustainability

We are excited about the energy industry’s direction: digitally controlled and connected efficient, sustainable Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This is facilitated by positive regulation, economically viable energy storage and the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Our Mission Statement & Vision

Endurant develops and owns outstanding, reliable, resilient, clean and cost-effective energy infrastructure solutions. We are highly innovative. We work with clients to deliver optimal energy infrastructure solutions, harnessing the best available technologies.

Conventional energy infrastructure and established industry practices no longer meet customer needs. By integrating our solutions into clients’ operations, we are enabling the future of sustainable distributed energy.

What we believe

Today’s energy infrastructure was designed to cover peak demand – which is very inefficient. Electricity prices have risen by an average of 2.5% per year since 2000. Maintaining the grid in New York alone is expected to cost consumers $30bn from 2016-2026…

Electricity generation is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions and water use. To protect everyone’s health and welfare, and the environment, we must take advantage of new sources of energy.

A more resilient type of system will be better able to power homes, businesses, and economy in the face of increasingly prevalent extreme weather events and other disruptions to the grid.

We believe that the solution is digitally controlled DER. This is enabled by:

• Viable energy storage resolves the intermittency challenges of renewable energy DER integration. In addition, it can be used by utilities on a large scale to cover periods of peak demand;

• Falling prices of on-site energy generation, which are driven by volume and significant new investment in the technologies;

• Increased regulatory pressure - state legislatures are stepping forward, and nation states are looking to mitigate the problems caused by air pollution, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events; and

• The IoT enables real-time communication between components of new advanced grid technologies, maximizing efficiencies.

Consumers can now get reliable renewable energy at competitive prices. The barriers between generation and consumption are being broken down. Buildings will both generate and consume energy, mitigating the problems posed by peak demand levels. No single technology will dominate. A common theme will be the ability to control energy use digitally, reducing waste and ensuring the energy gets deployed where and when it is needed. Increasingly sophisticated and creative financial solutions, such as our Energy-as-a-Service and ‘DBOOM’ infrastructure asset models will free entities to escape the status quo.