The NY-BEST in the business

The NY-BEST (New York Battery & Energy Storage Technology) Conference brought together the “best” battery manufacturers, developers, suppliers and consultants in New York State (NYS). Featured speakers included leading policy entities such as NYSERDA, NRDC, and NYS Department of Public Service (DPS) – very appropriate given the urgency of the state’s upcoming storage goal of 3,000 MW by 2030.

When not test-driving Nissan’s new electric Leaf model, GI Energy’s Peter Falcier, Vice President of Analytics & Regulatory Affairs, had an opportunity to speak on a panel about our Con Edison REV Demo battery project with, amongst others, Margarett Jolly of Con Edison and Marco Padula of NYS DPS. Pete detailed GIE’s innovative business model for four of the first Li-ion battery storage projects in New York City, the learnings from working with FDNY, and even provided specifics on the customizations that partners NEC had to complete for these projects to be successful.

It was exciting to see the reaction of conference attendees when they learned that placing batteries within New York City is actually achievable. At GI Energy we’re proud to be in a position to lead the charge on developing more battery storage projects and expanding our business model across NYS. There is real hope for a cleaner, more resilient future for the NYS power grid.

Other Conference Highlights

There was a significant level of discussion around tariffs. A representative from Enel X dedicated his presentation to storage rate treatment in NYS. Enel has been focusing on behind-the-meter storage but called out that front-of-the-meter applications are also now caught up in the Standby & Buy-Back discussion.

One solar developer, when asked on his panel what the biggest challenges to storage are in NYS, simply stated “Contract Demand” …

Financing entities such as the New York Green Bank stressed the need for companies to present them with proposals that not only met emission reductions but were reliable and scalable.

The excitement around the state’s storage goals was palpable. Events like this need to continue within the state in order to facilitate partnerships, develop new projects, and continue the conversation about meeting the state’s goals. We thank the NY-BEST team for their hard work on this event and for everything they do all year to advance this industry.

If we missed you during the conference, please feel free to reach out to Pete at pfalcier@gienergyus.comor (646) 786-1256. We’d love to connect!