Endurant Energy Takes Ownership of Pioneering New York City Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Endurant Energy Takes Ownership of Pioneering New York City Battery Energy Storage Systems

Acquiring Ownership from Shell New Energies, Endurant Now Owns the Batteries its Team Developed for Con Edison’s Innovative Demonstration Project 

NEW YORK – January 13, 2022: Endurant Energy, a full-service distributed energy resources developer and owner, today announced the completed acquisition of the battery energy storage systems that Endurant developed for Con Edison’s Demonstration Project across New York City.

Endurant Energy has been developing, permitting, and constructing the energy storage systems for Shell New Energies, and has now acquired from Shell the ownership rights of up to four systems – positioning Endurant as a battery owner and operator.

Endurant (formerly GI Energy) is a pioneer in the nation-leading New York energy storage market as the creator of a business model that drives the integration of energy storage systems into the city’s grid, and one of the few experts in the country at building these systems.

Two of the 1-megawatt/1-megawatt hour lithium-ion battery systems for Con Edison are already operational – on City Island in the Bronx and at Caddell Dry Dock on Staten Island, with a third site in Woodside, Queens undergoing commissioning and a fourth in the development stage. The storage systems help with reliability and modernizing the energy grid. This is particularly helpful on hot summer days when the demand for power is highest.

“This purchase, made possible by our partnership with LS Power, positions us as a leading developer-owner-operator of distributed-scale energy storage systems,” said Endurant COO Dan McDevitt. “We’re incredibly proud to be leading the way, executing successful projects in this fast-moving market.”

“Our battery storage project with Endurant highlights Con Edison’s commitment to clean energy and our desire to work with partners on innovative demonstration projects,” said Katelyn Tsukada, a section manager in Con Edison’s Demonstration Projects group. “Through our work with Endurant, we have gained valuable insights that we can use to help New York State meet its battery storage goals. Energy storage helps maximize the benefits of renewable energy and will contribute to a clean energy future.”

Under Con Edison’s demonstration project, Endurant and Con Edison chose customer locations where Con Edison’s analysis showed battery storage would help keep its service reliable. Endurant plans to dispatch the units into the wholesale market when Con Edison is not using them for grid support. This is possible due to changes made by NYISO, which incorporated ‘Dual Participation’ into their tariffs in 2020. Endurant is also looking forward to the rollout of NYISO’s Distributed Energy Resources participation model; together with Con Edison, the Endurant team worked with NYISO to successfully test these battery assets in the NYISO DER Pilot Program in summer 2020.

Endurant is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York City as well as Anaheim and Beverly Hills, California


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