Whoever the owner, the right financial structure is essential to ensure the long-term success of an energy project. Our preferred model is to invest in the assets we develop, offering Energy-as-a-Service. Whatever the financial, operational and environmental parameters, we work with our clients to ensure that the proposed solution achieves their goals, and maximizes benefits to all stakeholders. 

Ownership and financing options

Our teams’ priority for all projects is determining the most appropriate commercial model. For self-financing clients, we can offer a simple engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solution.

Under an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, we put our own capital into the projects we develop, freeing clients to invest theirs in their core operations, rather than in energy or resiliency. We work within aa bespoke design, build, own, operate and maintain (DBOOM) model, offering capital investment in return for service payments over an agreed term. We have found this to drive the allocation of risk and compensation to all parties’ satisfaction.

We ensure that all available incentives are secured, and can discuss options such PACE finance, investment tax credit and tax equity partnerships.

Organizations We Partner With

We are involved in several sustainable energy industry bodies and supporting trade associations. Contact us for more information on our partners.